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Hyper Dimension

Hyper Dimension Move List


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Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension Move List.


Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimension is the last Dragon Ball Z game made for the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo system. Hyper Dimension is the best fighting game made for SNES in my opinion. It has awsome graphics and music. What made this game so rare was that it was the only DBZ SNES game that featured Vegito and Gotenks. It had great desparation moves. I give this game a 9.5/10 because you can't fly in it.


-Side Slash- hold L/R (depending on which side you are on) + B
-Double Kick- towards + B
-Double Punch- down,towards + Y
-Jumping Knee Lift -towards,down,down-towards + B
-Quad Kick- away,down,towards + B
-Spinning Kick- down,away + B
-Down Slash Kick- (while in the air)towards,down + B
-Instant Transmission- away,down,away-down + B
-Instant Transmission Reverse- away,down,away-down + Y
-Larger Ki Blast- towards,away,towards + A
-45 Degree Kamehameha- away,down,towards + A
-Kamehameha x10- down,away,towards + A
-Exploding Dragon Spirit Bomb- away,down,towards,up + Y

=Majin Vegeta=
-Elbow Drive- hold L/R (depending which side you're on) + Y
-Sliding Kick Combos- down,towards + B x1-4
-Needle Block- towards,down,down_towards + B
-Jumping Bomb- away_down,towards_up + Y
-Ground Flare- down,up + Y
-Renzoku Energy Dan- down,towards + A
-Energy Field- down,away + Y
-Vertical Blasts- (while in the air)down,away + A
-Energy Dash- away,down,towards + Y
-Big Bang Attack- away,down,towards + A
-Final Flash- down,away,towards + A
-Galactic Gunfire- up,down + Y

The rest of the move list will come soon!