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Ultimate Timeline

Pre-Dragonball - Z Timeline


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Timeline Events

-over a million years B.C.-The first Kai is thought to exist
-5 million years B.C.-The evil Bibidi creates Majin Boo.
-over 4 million years B.C.- Majin Boo absorbs 4 of the 5 great Kais. -Bibidi is killed by the East Supreme Kai.
-4237 B.C.-Garlic Jr.'s ancestors move to earth.
-739 B.C.-Jadoushin becomes Princess of Snake Way.
-238 B.C.-The Legendary Super Saiyan appears and wrecks avoc across the universe.
-250 A.D.-Baba starts her fortune telling business.
-261 A.D.-King Yama travels across Snake Way to get training forom King Kai, meets Princess Snake and falls in love. -Violent storm nearly destrouys Planet Namek and Piccolo is sent to earth alone.
-430 A.D.-Master Roshi is born.
-431 A.D.-Piccolo becomes Kami's apprentice.
-459 A.D.-General Tao is born.
-461 A.D.-Garlic assaults Kami for not choosing him as his successor, Kami crushes the rebellion and seals away Garlic. Piccolo becomes the new Kami, and his dark half leaves his body forming Piccolo Daimaou. Piccolo Daimaou is sealed away by Master Roshi's trainer, Mutaito.
-550 A.D.- The first saiyans arrive on planet Plant in a mysterios space ship.
-650 A.D.-The first Tenkaichi Budoukai takes place.
-715 A.D.-The great Emperor Palif is born.
-720 A.D.-Saiyans battle Tuffles and defeats them and takes over Planet Plant and renames it Planet Vegeta. However Baby, the last surviving Tuffle gets away safely.
-730 A.D.-General starts his life long career as a free lance assassin.
-731 A.D.-Saiyans start their partnership with Frieza and King Vegeta Marries his wife.
-732 A.D.- Prince Vegeta is born.
-733 A.D.-Bulma,Yamcha and Tien are born.
-735 A.D.-Frieza is nstaring to get a bad feeling about the Saiayns.
-736 A.D.- Krillen is born.
-737 A.D.- Chi Chi is born and her mother dies shortly after
- King Vegeta turns against Frieza and dies
- Bardock dies with Planet Vegeta
- Kakkarot is born to Bardock and is sent to earth
- Grandpa Gohan finds Kakkarot and names him Goku