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DBZ SNES cheats


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Dragon Ball Z SNES Game Cheats

Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 1 -
-Hidden Characters- Hold down L,R,A,B,X,Y and rotate the d-pad in a clckwise direction. You will hear Goku's voice if you get it right.
-CPU Control- Pause the game during the Tenkaichi-Budokai mode and press A+B+X+Y. You will hear a sound to confirm the code if done correctly.
Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 2 -
-Unlock Goku & Brolly- Press up,x,down,b,l,y,r,a when you see Goku's hands flying towards the tower. Brolly will say Kakarott if done right.
-Turbo Mode- Hold down L&R on controller 2 when you start the game. The music will be different if done correctly.
-Ant Mode- Press down many times and continue doing it until you hear a sound. Do it when the 2 characters are talking to each other.
-Forfeit Match- Hold Y+X+B+A and press SELECT during gameplay.
Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 3-
-Unlock Future Trunks- press up,x,down,b,l,y,r,a when you see Vegeta or Goku's face. You will hear a zap sound to confirm the code.
-Power Level Adjust-type these in when the characters are speaking to each other...