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Another Great Anime Game-Sailormoon SS Fighter

Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Super S Fighter


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Another Great Anime Game-Sailormoon SS Fighter

Sailormoon SS Fighter Guide


Sailormoon Super S is your normal fighting game, there's not really anything special about it except that it features the characters from a really popular anime. The only difference between this game and the Sailormoon S fighter is that this one includes Sailor Saturn as onne of the characters. Sailormoon is much more known for RPG games than fighting ones. Overall it's still a great anime fighting game.

Well, who's in it?
-Sailor Moon,Sailor Mini Moon,Sailor Mercury,Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter,Sailor Venus,Sailor Pluto,Sailor Neptune,Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn.However, there are rumors about Tuxedo Mask being in the game.


Sailor Moon-
-Moon Tiara-Down,Towards + Punch
-Sonic Cry-Hold down(5 secs),up + Punch
-Moon Gorgeous Meditation-Down,Awat,Towards + Punch
-Silver Crystal-Down,Towards,Down,Away + Strong Kick

Sailor Mercury-
-Aqua Mirage-Down,Toward,Up_Towards + Punch
-Reverse Break Step-Towards,Down,Down_Towards + Kick
-Aqua Raphsody-Down,Away + Punch
-Water Bullet-Towards,Down,Away,Towards + Strong Kick

Sailor Mars-
-Snake Fire-Towards,Down,Away + Kick
-Fire Heel Drop-Down,Away + Kick
-Flame Sniper-Hold Towards(5 secs),Away + Punch
-Snake Flare-Towards,Down,Away,Down + Strong Kick

Sailor Jupiter-
-Coconut Cyclone-(in the air)Towards,Down + Punch
-Oak Revolution-Down,Towards,Away + Punch
-Giant Swing-Down,Away,Up + Kick
-Lightning Strike-Down,Away,Down,Towards + Strong Kick

Sailor Venus-
-Chain Sword-Hold Down(5 secs),Up + Punch
-Love Chain-Towards,Down,Towards_Down + Punch
-Love and Body Shock-Away,Down + Punch
-Chain Explosion-Away,Down,Towards,Down + Strong Punch

Sailor Pluto-
-Dead Scream-Away,Down,Towards + Punch
-Strict Sweep-Hold Away(5 secs),Towards + Kick
-Chronos Typhoon-Towards,Down,Down_Towards + Punch
-Dimension Dance-Towards,Down,Away,Towards + Strong Punch

Sailor Uranus-
-World Shaking-Towards,Down + Punch
-Diving Gaia Crush-Down,Away,Up + Kick
-Space Sword Blaster-Down,Towards + Punch
-Destructive Carnival-Towards,Down,Away,Down,Towards + Strong Punch

Sailor Neptune-
-Deep Submerge-Down,Away + Punch
-Splash Edge-Down,Towards,Down_Towards + Punch
-Submarine Reflection-hold(5 secs) Away,Towards + Punch
-Dragon Rise-Down,Towards,Down,Towards,Down_Towards + Strong Punch

Sailor Saturn-
-Silence Buster-Down,Towards + Punch
-Press Crusher-(while in the air)Towards,Down + Punch
-Death Reborn Revolution-Down,Away + Punch
-Death Drive Break-Away,Down,Towards,Away + Strong Punch

Sailor Mini Moon-
-Pink Sugar Heart Attack-Hold Away (5 secs),Towards + Punch
-Swinging Marshmellow-(while in the air)Down + Kick
-Double Jump- Up,Up
-Twinkle Yell-Away,Down,Towards,Down,Down_Away