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Dragon Ball GT Episodes

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1.The Mysterious Dragon Balls! Goku Gets Turned into a Kid!
2.I'm the Leader! Pan Leaps into Outerspace
3.The Ultimate Stingy! The Merchant's Plant Imegga
4.WANTED! Goku is a Criminal!?
5.Look at the Strong Guy! The Bodyguard Rejiiku
6.Hurts Huh!? Goku the Dentist
7.The Beloved Honey!? The Flower Bride Trunks!?
8.Goku Thunders Too! Whisker power at Max
9.Damn! Goku Leaps into the Trap Star!?
10.The Dance Attack!? Bon Pa PAA!
11.Ruudo's Curse!? Pan is Turned into a Doll
12.God's Oracle Really Troublesome! Fighter Ruudo
13.This Guy is Parent & Child? Riddle of Dr.Myuu
14.Can We Match the Rythm!? Capture Ruudo!
15.I Can't Take It Anymore! Pan Runs Away?
16.Machine Planet M2... The Traitor Gill
17.Wait for Pan! The Plan to Rescue Goku
18.Data is Missing! Goku's Ultimate Determination
19.Go and Attack! The Great Mutant Rirudo
20.Surprise! The Iron Storm Attacks Goku
21.What is This! Goku Became a Metal PLate
22.The Design is Revealed! The Evil Life Form Bebi
23.The Hidden Danger! The Wrecked Spaceship & Mysterious Boy
24.Bebi's Revenge! Target the Saiyans!
25.It's Terrible Bebi Arrives on Earth
26.Gohan and Goten... The Greatest Brotherly Competition!?
27.Final Ambition! Vegeta Becomes Possesed
28.Goku Returns... All of the Earth is My Enemy!?
29.The Ultimate Problem! Super Saiyan 3 Doesn't Work!
30.Goku Fades!? I've Died
31.What The!? Suguroku Heaven's Gates are Falling
32.Goku Returns! The Furious Solier Uubu
33.Eat This Bebi! Fighter Uubu's Light Ray
34.The Transformation Fails! Goku's Giant Monkey Rampages
35.Supreme! Goku Has Become Super Saiyan 4!
36.An Immortal Monster! Ultimate Evil Great Monkey Bebi
37.Souzetsu!! Bebi and Goku DOUBLE KO!
38.From Everyone's Power... Super Saiyan 4 is Revived
39.This is the End! Finally, Bebi is Gone Forever
40.Earth Explodes! Piccolo's Solemn Decision
41.Tenakaichi Budoukai... Who is Mr.Satan's Sucessor
42.Die Goku! From Hell Returns the Strongest Enemies
43.Hell's Demon Soldiers! Cell and Freeza Return!
44.The Ultimate Android
45.Hurry, Goku! The Plan to Escape From Hell
46.Battle! Super Saiyan 4 VS Super 17
47.Big Switch! Goku and No.18's Two Part Attack Explosion
48.This is a Surprise! Shenron has Become the Enemy!?
49.The Supreme Villain!? The Horror of the Cheater Dragon
50.Saiyan Power Falls in Defeat! Electrical Power Uu Shenron
51.Ryuu Shenron! The Tornado Attacks Weak Point
52.Look Out Pan! Chii Shenron's Possession
53.Pan is Fading! Tears of 10x Kamehameha
54.The Power of 6000 Degrees Cecius! The Sun's Soldier
55.Move It Bulma! Vegeta's Makeover Plan
56.The Sun is Followed by the Cold! The Flare and Ice, Dragon Brothers
57.The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy! The Denomic Dragon and the Ruling Dragon
58.Counter Attack Returned! Super Saiyan 4 is Surpassed!
59.Enemy or Friend... Great Monkey Vegeta Rampages
60.Fusion!! The Supreme Super Gogeta
61.I'll Win! The Four Star Ball is Swallowed by Goku
62.To the Rescue! The Final Partner for Goku
63.The Miraculous Turn Around Victory! Goku Pleads to Outerspace
64.Farewell Goku... Until the Day We Meet Again