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Super Butoden 3

Super Butoden 3 Move List


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Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 3 Move List.


Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden 3 is the third and last of the Butoden series. Everything was improved in Super Butoden 3 except that it lacks a story mode, which greatly reduced its value. The game play was faster and so were the ki charges. It is the only SNES game where you get to use the Supreme Kai and Dabura. It also featured the return of Android 18 to the Butoden series. After all this would have been the second best DBZ SNES game if it had a story mode. I give this game a 7/10.



-Spinning Kicks- Away,down,towards + B
-Diving Kick- (while in the air)towards,down + B
-Flip Kick- Towards,away,towards + B
-Knee Lift- Away_down,towards_up + B
-Renzoku Energy Dan- Down,towards + A
-Kamehameha- Away,down,towards + A
-Kamehameha x10- Down,away,towards + A
-Teleportation Confusion- Away,down,towards,up + B
-Mega Swing - Grapple Move

-Jet Uppercut- down,towards + Y
-Flying Kicks- (while in the air)towards,down + B
-Punching Rush- towards,away,towards + Y
-Jet Spin Kick- hold away(5 secs),towards + B
-Renzoku Energy Dan- down,towards + A
-Masenko- away,down,towards + A
-Kamehameha- down,away,towards + A
-Gekiretsy Rush- towards,down,away,towards + B
-Rebound Knocking - Grapple Move

=S.S. Majin Vegeta=
-Rushing Combo- towards,away,towards + Y
-Elbow Smash- down,towards + Y
-Power Knee- away_down,towards_up + B
-Renzoku Energy Dan- down,towards + A
-Ground Explosion- down,up + A
-Big Bang Attack- away,down,towards + A
-Final Flash- down,away,towards + A
-Galactic Gunfire- towards,down,away,towards + Y
-Launch Blaster- Grapple Move

=S.S. Future Trunks=
-Rushing Combo- down,towards + Y
-Trunks Pressure- hold away(5 secs),towards + Y
-Ground Energy- away,down + A
-Tri Blast- down,towards + A
-Trunks Pressure Blast- away,down,towards + A
-Final Buster- down,away,towards + A
-Tornado Crusher- towards,away,down,up + Y
-Bolt Wave- Grapple Move

=S.S. Trunks=
-Spinning Jump Kick- towards,away,towards + B
-Galaxy Force- away,down,towards + Y
-Flip Kick- down,towards + B
-Grand Fall- away_down,towards_up + B
-Tri Blast- down,towards + A
-Kikoha- away,down,towards + A
-Kiaiho- down,away,towards + A
-Spirit Rush- towards,away,down,up + B
-Body Kicking- Grapple Move

=S.S. Goten=
-Spinning Cannon- away_down,towards_up + B
-Spike Launcher- hold away (5 secs),towards + Y
-Knee Dash- towards,away,towards + B
-Spinning Uppercut- away,down,towards + Y
-Renzoku Energy Dan- down,towards + A
-Energy Ha- away,down,towards + A
-Kamekameha- down,away,towards + A
-Response Rush- away,down,towards,up + B
-Elbow Dash- Grapple Move

=Android 18=
-Face Slaps- towards,away,towards + Y
-Triangle Kick- towards,away,towards + B
-Laser Kick- away_down,towards_up + B
-Rear Attack- down,towards + B
-Destructo Disc- down,towards + A
-Super Ki Laser- away,down,towards + A
-Ultra Ki Wave- down,away,towards + A
-Knee Striker- Grapple Move

=Supreme Kai=
-Punch Rush- hold away(5 secs),towards + Y
-Kienjin- away,towards + Y
-Lightning Kicks- away,down,towards + B
-Paralyzer- hold away(5 secs),towards + B
-Ground Energy- away,down + A
-Kai Ki Blast- away,down,towards + A
-Gekiretsushinoho- down,away,towards + A
-Sukashinage- Grapple Move

=Majin Boo=
-Power Arm Sweep- down,towards + Y
-Diving Headbutt- hold away (5 secs),towards + Y
-Bouncing Crash- away,down,towards + Y
-Shogekiha- hold away (5 secs),towards + A
-Tri Blast- down,towards + A
-Ki Bullet- away,down,towards + A
-Might Boomer- down,away,towards + A
-Boo Buster- away,towards,down,up + A
-Slapper Knocker- Grapple Move

-Upper Lifter- down,towards + Y
-Sekikatsuba- away,towards + A
-Sword Blast- (while in the air) away,down + A
-Fiery Wall- down,up + A
-Renzoku Energy Dan- down,towards + A
-Death Ball- away,down,towards + A
-Fiery Breath- down,away,towards + A
-Sword Rush- away,towards,down,up + Y
-Flare Beater- Grapple Move