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Dragon Ball=
#1-JP- The Legend of Shenron
-EN- Curse of the Blood Rubies
#2-JP/EN- Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
#3-JP- Mysterious Adventure
-EN- Mystical Adventure
Special-JP- The Way to Become the Strongest

Dragon Ball Z=
#1-JP- Return My Gohan
-EN- Dead Zone
#2-JP/EN- The World's Strongest
#3-JP- Ultimate Decisive Battle for the Earth
-EN- Tree of Might
#4-JP- Super Saiyan Goku
-EN- Lord Slug
#5-JP- The Best of Strongest VS Strongest
-EN- Cooler's Revenge
#6-JP- Clash! 10 Billion Power Warriors
#7-JP- The Three Super Saiyan
#8-JP- The Five Super Saiyan,The Legendary Saiyan Brolly!
#9-JP- The Galaxy is in Danger! The Super Awesome Guy!
#10-JP- Dangerous Partners! Z Warriors Never Rest
#11-JP- Crushing Super Warrior! I am the Winner!
#12-JP- The Rebirth of Fusion!
#13-JP- Exploding Dragon Fist
SP #1-JP- A Final Solitary Battle! Goku's Father Challenges Frieza
-EN- Bardock: Father of Goku
SP #2-JP- Defiance in the Face of Despair! The Remainung Z Warriors:Gohan and Trunks
-EN- History of Trunks
SP #3-JP- Plan to Destroy the Saiyan

Dragon Ball GT=
SP- JP- Goku's Supplement! Proof of Courage is the 4-Star Dragon Ball