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DBZ Final Bout

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Dragon Ball Z Super Butoden Move List.


Dragon Ball Z Final Bout is a fake SNES game made in Mexico.
Obviously, they did not know what they were doing. It contained the graphics from Super Butoden 2&3 and DBGT Final Bout. This is an unlisenced game. It was not made by Nintendo. It got all of its music from Street Fighter, including the grunts. It had a really slow game play and the controls were not complete. None of the characters really have a move list (eg. Little Goku (Goten from DBZ 3 with different clothes) does not have a super blast.). Overall this game really does suck. Even though it is rare, it is hardly worth $10.



Well Who's In It? SS Goku,Little Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Piccolo,Cell,Mr.Boo and Trunks.

Move List: Everyone
-Super Ki Blast - Down,away,towards + A
-Everyone - 45% angle Super Blast-away,down,towards + A
-Goku - Quad Kick - away,down,towards + B
- Flip Kick - towards,away,towards + B

-Gohan - Jet Uppercut - Down,towards + Y

-Piccolo - Gliding Kick - towards,away,towards + B

-Little Goku - Teleportation - towards,away,towards + Y
- Sinning Uppercut - away,down,towards + Y

-Trunks - Combo - away,down,towards + Y
- Ground Energy - Down,away + A
- Diagonal Blast - away,down + A

-Mr.Boo - Bouncing Attack - away,down,towards + B

I will add more when I find out more of their moves.