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Movie Quiz

History of Trunks-
1) What does the Androids say that got Trunks all fired up during the end?

a)We hate you humans!
b)We'll destroy your house in one hour!
c)Now die!!!
d)None of the above.

2)What did Trunks say when he saw Gohan's dead body?

a)No, you meant everything to me.
b)Ha! serves you right!
c)Darn you, I knew I should have come with you!
d)He screamed.

Exploding Dragon Fist-

3)What does Goku say when he battles Hildegarn?

a)You monster!
b)How dare you destroy Vegeta's house!
c)If I can't do it, who else can?!
d)I'll get you for that!

The Five Super Saiyans-

4)What does Vegeta keep on saying when the others battle Brolly?

a)You are clearly no match for my power.
b)We can't win, he's the legendary Super Saiyan.
c)Are you immortal?
d)You freakazoid!

Bardock, the Father of Goku-
5)What did Bardock say when he scouted Goku's power level?

b)You weakling!
c)How pathetic!
d)I thought you were special.

Dead Zone-
6)Why did Gohan get kidnapped in the first 10 minutes of the movie?

a)to sell him.
b)to trade him back to Chi Chi and Goku for money.
c)because he had a Dragon Ball on his hat.
d)they thought he looked weird.

The 3 Super Saiyan-
7)What/Who created Androids 13-15?

b)Androids 17/18
c)Dr.Gero's computers
e)None of the above

I am the Champion, the Super Bio Warrior Brolly!-
8)What was 18 doing over at Mr.Satan's house?

a)to beat him up.
b)it was a sleep over.
c)to visit Videl.
d)to get the money he owed her.

Random Movie Questions-
9)In which movie were neither Goku and Gohan present? (not counting TV specials)

a)History of Trunks
b)Bardock, the Father of Goku
c)I am the Champion, the Super Bio Warrior Brolly!
d)They were in all of them!

10)How many movies was Cooler in?


Bonus- In which movie did Android 17 make his MOVIE debut?

a)History of Trunks
b)The Three Super Saiyans
c)The Five Super Saiyans
d)He was never in an actual movie.

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