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Dragonball Z/GT Quiz


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1)How many DBZ game are their created for SNES in total(not including Final Bout)?

a)4 b)5 c)6 d)7

2)How does Future Trunks first go Super Saiyan?

a)Gohan's death
b)His father's death
c)Androids destroys his house
d)His mother,Bulma dies

3)Who is(are) the Legendary Brave warrior?


4)How long can fused warriors stay fused(fusion dance)?

a)1h b)45mins c)30mins d)as long as they want

5)Are fusions by the Potera earrings forever?

a)yes b)no c)sometimes d)maybe,it depends

6)Who kills Frieza for GOOD?

a)Goku b)Future Trunks c)Gohan d)all Z fighters

7)Which enemy does Gohan kill single handed?

a)Cell b)Brolly c)Garlic Jr. d)no one

8)Can Vegeta go Super Saiyan again after GT ended?

a)yes b)no c)sometimes d)depends on Bulma

9)Who is the strongest character is DB,DBZ,DBGT history?

a)Goku b)Vegito c)Gogeta d)One Star Shenron

10)Which arm does Future Gohan lose after the battle with the Androids?

a)left b)right c)none d)both

*Bonus)Which android is the strongest?

a)no.16 b)super 13 c)Cell d)super 17

E-Mail me at with your answers only along with your name and I'll give you an exclusive award depending how many answers you got right.