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The Invasion of the Androids has begun

Android 17's profile
Android 18's profile
Hyper Dimension
Super Butoden 3
Super Butoden 2
Super Butoden
DBZ Final Bout
Game Cheats
17's Gallery
18's Fashion Gallery
Super Saiyans
Dragon Ball GT Episodes
DB/Z/GT Movies
Future Survivors
Ultimate Timeline
Dark Dragons
DBZ Super Battle Collection
Animated DBZ/GT Gif Gallery
DBZ/GT Midis
Movie Quiz
Awards I've Won
Awards that you can win
Other Great Anime Game-Gundam Wing Endless Duel
Another Great Anime Game-Sailormoon SS Fighter

In this Android Invasion, there will be images, summeries, guides, profiles and much more.

A new era has just started

Whoa!, it's almost been a month since I last updated, but it's not my falt, my computer broke down and all of my files were lost, so I couldn't update:( Sorry about that, my next update will be a really big one!
See ya in the next update!
This site will be updated often with new stuff. Please feel free to e-mail me at with any questions and comments. Also please remember to sign my guestbook!

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